Photography, Video Production & Editing

Great Landscape Photography will grow your business.

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New: Animated Story Telling & Explainer Videos

This is the best possible way to draw attention to your Mission, Passion, Product or Service.

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Video Marketing Cartoons

Cartoons are a fun & non-threatening way to engage with customers and get your message across. The more creative they are the better 🙂

See more examples here.

We’re professional & fun to work with, watch this short Testimonial from Aqua Blue Yacht Sales

Here’s an in-studio shot of Mark using Green Screen to create the above video.

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Recent Editing Project Promoting an Exceptional Horse Park

The 2014 Palm Beach Christmas Boat Parade

80% of Marketers are using Videos for their campaigns. Videos are the single best way to tell your story & drive qualified traffic.

You need 6 things to get more business from your website

* Multiple High Quality, Informative, Social Media Marketing Videos

* Videos with Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)

* Intense Online Social Media Video Marketing & Promotion (Key)

* Local Professional Photography – not Stock

* On-Page Optimizing to Attract Search Engines

* An Attractive Website that Converts Visitors to Buyers or Leads

Why use us?

We can help you with the first 5 items on the checklist. I don’t know of any other video production company that offers this, or the high level of Social Media Online Video Marketing that we provide.

Our affordable Social Media & website video production is like no other. It communicates your message the way you would like, and drives qualified traffic to your website.

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Doug Bailey Shooting Video

Client’s videos are promoted using State of the Art Social Media Video Marketing.

It’s all about you, not us. We try hard to be fun to work with, and make this a great experience for everyone on your team.


Debbie Wemyss, International Linkedin® Marketing Coach, introducing the value of using LinkedIn® as a Marketing Resource.

You can see more of Debbie’s videos here.

Video SEO (VSEO)

VSEO is a special skill we have, with years of training & testing. It’s just as important as the video itself. Search Engines are designed to read text in the form of HTML and can’t “read” images.

You must first be found to have your message seen and heard. We know what’s needed.

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Local Professional Photography

Many websites use stock photography because its cheap & readily available. Most web designers don’t know any better. Stock photography (and stock video) is considered Duplicate Content by search engines.

After the Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon algorithm updates, Duplicate Content carries a penalty.

Your website also looks Blah to visitors, they’ve seen the same boring stock images over and over. You have less the 4 seconds to grab their attention. You are not telling them WHO YOU ARE. This is the information they are looking for, and will look for it elsewhere.

Search engines see them move off quickly and note this. This is a Bounce and they will send you less traffic. If you are not getting traffic – start here. Don’t even think about cell phone images.

Professional Photography is a strong competitive advantage – what are your competitors doing?

Search Engine Results (SERPS)

YouTube is owned by Google and is the second largest Search Engine in the world. Google gives preference to well produced and properly optimized video (VSEO). This will help get your website to the top 10 Google Search Engine Results faster than text only.

Forrester Research says “Video is 53 time more likely to be in the top 10 search results than text.”

On-Page Optimizing (SEO)

On-Page Optimizing is needed for every website, old and new. Search engines need the right responses when crawling your site. The wrong meta data sends them away. Getting more organic traffic is vital to website success.

Our knowledge and experience is extensive and we’d like to help.

Web Design

A well designed website is attractive and engaging to your visitors. We are in constant contact with first class web developers, and will gladly help you find the right company for your unique business needs.

We’ve built this site and others, so know what’s needed to make a website work well.

Happy Campers Video Testimonial

This is a tribute to Bob Clark of Great Time RV in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida:

Bob Clark of Great Time RV’s provided excellent service work on this seven year old Travel Trailer. Not only did he do great work, but also charged far below his original quote. We take great joy in recommending him to everyone that needs a camper or needs work on their camper.

Voice Over Content Slideshows with Your Images Saves $

Custom Voice Over using your script (or we can write the script) will personalize and add quality content. This is perfect low cost quality content that builds confidence and earns “Google Love”.

See Voice Over Content Slideshow Example here.

Here is an example of a video slideshow created for Carl Strauss Safaris in Tanzania. Carl sent us photographs that he had taken on Safari. We added African Drums to add to the flavor.

Craig Houdeshell, Filmmaker, Engineering Consultant. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“Having worked alongside Doug & Lenore Bailey, as well as having used their video work product has allowed me to see first hand their work ethic and commitment to a project.

These folks work to all ends to see their client is happy and that their work product exceeds the needs of the contractual obligations. Further, I have observed them turn clients into friends because of their caring nature, desire to satisfy”.

The Importance of Professional HD Video

Warm up & personalize your business & website using professional HD Video to make eye contact and build confidence with potential clients.

Knowledge of your business and getting to know you via video is critical to creating confidence in your products and services. You really do want to stand out from the competition, and be recognized as the authority in your industry.

HD Video has become as important as having a website itself, we’ll show you how to stay ahead of the curve. Add valuable video with compelling Search Engine Optimized (SEO) script that persuades and motivates. Search Engines are ranking websites with high production value video higher. Click here for more.

Business Photography

Professional HD Business Photography wins every time over bland, generic  stock photos which may be considered duplicate content. Our prices are reasonable and quality superb.
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Work with us – you will be in caring, safe professional hands.