About Us


Hello, a very warm welcome. Please may we introduce ourselves?


I’m Doug Bailey and I’m glad you’re here!

At heart I’ve always been a creative artist. Photography, Video and Online Video Marketing have provided wonderful ways to show my creative skills & vision.

I first picked up a decent camera in 1972 in Tenneriffe in the Canary Islands. My first shot ever was a B&W image of the Esmeralda, a 4 masted sail training ship from Chile. I’ve been creating great images ever since.

It started with wildlife, then moved to photographing people and commercial projects, then videos.

Shooting photography was a huge boost to shooting great videos as the principles of lighting, composition and exposure are similar.

Something that I appreciated in the early days is that if you want to produce great work, you must have high end cameras & lenses. This same Attitude of Excellence has carried through to videos. I will only shoot and edit with the highest quality equipment available. I feel that I owe this to me and my clients. Cheaper is never better.

Realizing that great images don’t sell themselves, I learned how to do that using search engines to attract traffic. These same principles have been applied to videos with great success. This is called VSEO, or Video Search Engine Optimization. It’s a never ending learning curve, which keeps me interested and wanting to do better.

Ongoing paid training keeps us ahead of the competition. I honestly don’t know of anyone in my field that can both provide a quality service and do the high level Social Media Online Video Marketing like we do. See more about this on Linkedin.

I’m also a formally trained Marketer and have a diploma from Damelin College in Durban, South Africa (dip.MM). This has been equated to a 4 year USA degree. Formal marketing training has given me a huge boost in helping clients with marketing problems, and helping them get ahead of their competition.

Sales and Marketing in 3 countries, SA, UK & USA have provided real world cultural experiences which give me a great competitive advantage. Isn’t learning and growing as a person what life’s all about?

We are also outdoors people, lived on a sailboat for 10 years and cruised the Caribbean. Many people talk about doing this, but we take action on great ideas.

We are Nature & Wildlife lovers and can be found hiking and photographing in our spare time.

My dear wife Lenore is an expert Cook, Baker, Photographer, Website Builder, Geek & Photoshop artist. She supports our efforts with research and honest critiques. She is responsible for all the wonderful images on this site and for the development of this website. A very special Thank You Lenore!

Our team effort ensures that when we’re working on a creative project for you, you are employing two very knowledgeable & enthusiastic creative people. There is no outsourcing, we are personally responsible at all times for consistent high quality work. Nothing but the absolute best that we can do leaves our studio

Visit Doug on LinkedIn
I’m very active on LinkedIn, helping others that need help and always learning from others. My creative skills are always improving as the experts talk freely about their experiences. There’s always an open invitation to connect.

Professional Training
Damelin College – Diploma Marketing Management (dip.MM)
Multiple Affiliate Marketing Courses – too many to list here. Amazing SEO & traffic driving learning curve.
American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) Training: Wealthy Web Writer
Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business to Business Copy – Steve Slaunwhite’s excellent course.
The Ultimate Travel Writers Virtual Workshop – Writing great copy for the travel market.
Turn Your Pictures into Cash – Excellent “how to” photography course.

Work with us – you will be in caring, safe professional hands.