Animated Cartoons

Animated Cartoons are perfect for marketing Products & Services in a fun and user friendly way. People really do watch them to the end. The more creative the video, the more eye catching and appealing it is.

Folks are tired of the same boring stuff. They want to see fun original ideas. When people spend time on your site, it sends a signal to search engines that they enjoyed being there. Search engines then send you more traffic.

We can edit & cartoonize your full motion video too, send it along.

If you need a Custom Character & unique Storyboard, just ask. We strive to be different and welcome your ideas 🙂

Animated Cartoon – Fish Lady

Animated Cartoon – Cleaning Lady

Animated Cartoon – Making Fiesta Bread

Animated Cartoon – Skeleton Banjo Group

Animated Cartoon – Lady Talks to Dog

Animated Cartoon – Polly the Parrot

Below are some of the cartoon effects we have created and can apply to most videos:

Video Marketing Cartoon Color – Technique Example 1

Video Marketing Cartoon B&W – Technique Example 2

Music Video Cartoon – Technique Example 3

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