Business Photography

World Class Business Photography that Communicates your Unique Vision to the World

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There is a world of difference between a Portrait or Family Photographer and a Professional Business Photographer.

Your business needs to show the Attitude of Excellence you have in the same way that you showcase your facilities, products, services and staff. This is what separates you from your competition.

We’ve been in Sales and Marketing all our working lives and know exactly how to communicate your business to potential clients. Visitors love to find professional images on your site, you’re showing them that you take pride in your business.

Using stock images can create a “me too” flavor for your web site. Google may also consider this to be duplicate content. Potential customers are expecting you to be outstanding, please don’t disappoint them.

Even if you choose not to use us…use professional photography to set your business apart. The increase in business and customer confidence that you build from your website will easily pay for itself.

Time-lapse Video
You have the best Service Department or Installation crew in your industry and are rightly proud of them. Or you have the most meticulous a/c installation crew in your boat manufacturing plant. Your competition is fierce. How to you tell prospective clients how good you are?

Time-lapse Video, sometimes known as Stop Motion Photography offers a good solution. A customer will never watch a 1 hour video of the outstanding work you do, but he will certainly watch a 30 second Time-lapse clip.

This is a little known and very attractive way to condense a lot of time into a few seconds. It also makes compelling viewing. An example of Time-lapse is seeing clouds scurrying across the sky in a movie. Put this on your web site to educate and show your superior business methods.

Canon 7d Review & Photography Tips
We have created a comprehensive Owner’s Review of the Canon 7D, along with dozens of photography tips. I will be glad to create an even more comprehensive “tips file” if there is sufficient interest. I think I can write the book on this.

Our talents and experience go back decades, to shooting a 4 masted sailing ship in Teneriffe Harbor in the Canary Islands with an Olympus Trip 35 mm film camera. This was in 1972. Everyone that saw images from this cameras asked “What camera is that?” Passion was born!

Work with us – you will be in caring, safe professional hands.