Corporate Video

Here are 3 Humble Questions about Corporate Video for you please:

How important is it for you to present your Products and Services in a Quality way?

How important is it for you to connect with your Target Audience?

How important is it for your unique message to be seen and heard 24/7?

If your answers are a resounding “Yes, Very Important…”, then high production value Corporate Video will communicate your business to your audience around the clock. It will be working for you even when you’re busy with other things.

Independent Research:

KISSmetrics: “Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings.

GIGamon: “Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page of search”

Living Direct: “Videos boosted conversion and increased time on site by 9%”

There are more than 100 reasons to use High Quality Video in your Marketing.

Until very recently Video Marketing involved large camera crews, massive amounts of money invested in Equipment, Booms, Jibs, Actors, Editors and more. It was the only way to get viewers on TV to appreciate and understand your business. It was also very effective advertising.

The problem was that several 30 second TV spots were beyond many small business budgets. This meant that only larger corporations such as Fortune 500 companies could afford the benefits of Brand Imaging.

The Internet changed all that. Now even the smallest business can afford professional grade video marketing. One word of caution though. If you want to DIY or employ unqualified people to do this for you, please be careful.

Audience judgements are harsh. They know exactly what they are looking at, and will judge your products and services accordingly. Professionals use high end equipment and quality editing with first class B-Roll and Audio for very good reason.

People won’t watch ” Talking Heads”. They do want to see the presenter introduced, so they know what he/she looks like. But that should only be 10 seconds of a 60 second clip. The rest of the video must be captivating visual information about your business. Professional images showing detail will often enhance the appeal. Sound quality must be nothing less than 100%. Sometime it’s not so hard to outshine the competition.

Web site design has gone through this as well. At one point it was cool to build it yourself. As the Internet matured and visitors became more picky, only quality web sites rose to the top. Now professional web design is the norm. This is how you stay ahead of your competition. Video is going through the same maturing process and it’s important to keep ahead of the curve.

Google owns YouTube, which is the world’s second largest Search Engine. This means that they favor video in search results and will improve a web site’s ranking if it has quality video. How does Google know it’s quality video?

Viewers won’t watch junk. Viewer drop offs or the opposite, time spent watching a video, tells search engines that the viewer is engaged. They found what they’re looking for. Do this part right and search engines will send you even more traffic.

Being on the first page of search engine results is vitally important. I didn’t say position one, you just need to be on the first page. Then you can build rankings and traffic using search engine optimizing and other traffic driving techniques. If you can get to position one, the reward is that you get more than 50 % of the traffic for that keyword. No one looks at page 2 and beyond. Do you?

One of our videos was published on YouTube on a Monday. By Wednesday it was in position 3 for its keywords. The web site went from obscurity to position 10, pulled up in part by video. In fairness, overdue search engine optimization (SEO) was attended to at the same time. It was this combo that increased traffic tenfold.

A hard to quantify benefit is improving company morale. High production value video shows your staff to best advantage. It lets viewers see your well presented facility. Service techs and office staff know they are appreciated, and that the company is proud enough of their business to do this well.

Think about video from a potential Professional Buyers point of view. The buyer works for a major Corporation that you would love to do business with. Your sales personnel have called there for years with no break through. The Resistance to Change mentality is well set in. Letters, phone calls and emails are ignored. They are happy with their present supplier and ignore you. You know the drill.

Then someone at the Major Corporation spots your video, and brings it to their Manager’s attention. What you are offering could well solve some of their business problems. They take a look and feel good about your business. This is Video Marketing in play.

The phone rings, or you get an email asking for a sales person to call. Bingo!

“Gosh, I had no idea you did that”.

They didn’t give you the time of day to learn that, did they?

After 40 years of International Marketing I can tell you first hand that an indirect approach can work wonders.

Selling Tip: NEVER try to sell on the first sales call. If you do the door may never open again. You are there to gather information only. Ask for contact names, what they do best, how long they have been there and what their hopes and dreams are. Ask, ask and ask. No one can be offended by you asking good questions. Pre plan them well. Practice them.

This is all part of Market Research. If you do your job right you may uncover a need. This can be discussed on the second and third call. Video can be a perfect reference point.

“Remember my question about the difficulty you have with your delivery system?”

“Please take a quick look at this short video. Another customer had the same problem, this is how he solved it.”

Testimonial selling is non threatening, fast and works wonders.

If you have a marketing problem or need, please discuss it with me. Often a fresh mind can see something you may have missed.

Bless Internet Marketing with Professional Video, it’s changed our Marketing World for the better!

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