Florida Lifestyle Photos

Florida is a great place to take part in a variety of outdoor activities all year round. We’ll show you some unexpected as well as popular places.

Come and join us for a peek into the Florida Lifestyle.

photograph of wild and scenic Loxahatchee River jupiter florida.dougbailey.jpg

Paddle the wild & Scenic Loxahatchee River in Jupiter, Florida

photograph of blowing rocks image 7857.douglasbailey.jpg

Unusual Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island, Jupiter, Florida

photograph of sunrise on the beach image 7688.douglasbailey.jpg

Peaceful Early Morning Sunrise

photograph of Juno Fishing Pier.douglasbailey.jpg

Juno Beach Fishing Pier

photograph of Jupiter Lighthouse image 3588.douglasbailey.jpg

Jupiter Lighthouse at Sunset

photograph of sunrise over juno fishing pier image 4000.dougbailey.jpg

Juno Fishing Pier Sunrise

photograph of early morning fishing off palm beach image 3536.douglasbailey.jpg

Early Morning Fishing off Palm Beach


Jupiter Beach at Sunrise

photograph of alligator sunning image 5947,dougbailey.jpg

Alligator in the Sun

photogtraph of beach fisherman image 2125.dougbailey.jpg

Beach Fishing

photograph of racoon family image 1255.dougbailey.jpg

Mother’s Love

photoograph fo buck in riverbend park image 3488.dougbailey.jpg

Buck in Riverbend Park, Jupiter

photograph of sailfish marina at dusk image 26251.dougbailey.jpg

Sailfish Marina at Dusk

photograph of 2 paddleskis off jupiter image 3498.dougbailey.jpg

Paddleskis off Jupiter

photograph of beach umbrella and chair at the beach image 6088.dougbailey.jpg

At the Beach

photograph of buck and squirrel sharing breakfast image 0709.dougbailey.jpg

Buck & Squirrel Sharing Breakfast

photograph of buck with sunrise behind him image 2619.dougbailey.jpg


photograph of spoonbill taking off image 1336.dougbailey.jpg

Spoonbill Taking Off

photograph of peacock with tail fanned out image 6035.dougbailey.jpg

Proud Peacock

photograph of bird of paradise plant image 6044.dougbailey.jpg

Bird of Paradise

photograph of early morning fisherman image 1902.dougbailey.jpg

Early Morning Fishing

photograph of florida snow fountain image 5997.dougbailey.jpg

Florida Snow Fountain