Fresh Market

We spent several hours at the local Fresh Market chatting to the local vendors and shooting some of their wonderful produce. The Fresh Market is open every Sunday from 8 am to 11 am in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Here is a sample of our exciting day.

photograph of Stephen with bread at fresh market.dougbailey.jpg

Importico’s Bakery Cafe

photograph of Asiago Bread from Importico's.dougbailey.jpg

Asiago Bread
Importico’s Bakery Cafe

photograph of scones from Importico's Bakery Cafe.dougbailey.jpg

Baked Goods from
Importico’s Bakery Cafe

photograph of variety of breads from Importico's.dougailey.jpg

A Variety of Breads from Importico’s

Portrait photograph of jeffrey at saferfoods.dougbailey.jpg

Safer Foods LLC

photograph of table for saferfoodsllc.dougbailey.jpg

Safer Foods LLC
Table of samples

photograph of a cut flan from safer foods llc.doug.bailey.jpg

Delicious Flan
Safer Foods LLC

photograph of pam pinnell treasure coast seltzer works image 9917.dougbailey.jpg

Treasure Coast Seltzer Works

photograph of Kevin and assistant k malou caters image 9805.dougbailey.jpg

K Malou Caters
Offer a Good Breakfast

photograph of cutting cheese image 9937.dougbailey.jpg

Cutting Cheese

photograph of green peppers image 9793.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of squash and carrots image 9824.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of Romaine lettuce and radishes image 9828.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of melons image 9810.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of tomatoes image 9792.dougbaiely.jpg

photograph of multi color peppers image 9845.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of lemons image 9783.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of orchids image 9808.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of Zalinda's stall image 9863.dougbailey.jpg