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Healing Art – Graphic Art Ideas

triangle blueprint.dougbailey.jpg


Triiangle 1green.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 1

triangle color negative.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 2

spirial BV.dougbailey.jpg

Spiral BV

sphere and star.dougbailey.jpg

Sphere & Star

circle BV sketch color.dougbailey.jpg

Circle BV

orange oval and cameraman.dougbailey.jpg

Camerman Oval

liquid chrome.dougbailey.jpg

Chrome BV Circle



green triangle.dougbailey.jpg

Green Triangle

Green Dove Mardi Gras-1.dougbailey.jpg

DragonFire & Green Dove

Camera B2.dougbailey.jpg

B and Camera

burgundy amoeba.dougbailey.jpg

Burgundy Amoeba

Blue Triangle.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 3

Blue Triangle - 4-solarized dreams IV.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 4

Blue Triangle - 5 - solarized dreams III.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 5

Blue Triangle - 6 - Solarized Dreams II.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 6

Blue Triangle 7 - Solarized Dreams I.dougailey.jpg

Triangle – 7

Blue Triangle 8 Sketch Dark Charcoal

Triangle – 8

blue triangle 9 glow in the dark.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 9

Blue Triangle 10 comic book.dougbailey.jpg

Triangle – 10

B logo.dougbailey.jpg

B Logo

10 Point Star Liquify Pucker-1.dougbailey.jpg

10 Point Star

3D Dawn-1.dougbaiey.jpg

Wild Red – 2

3D Purple Faze Spotlight

Red Oval

3D Wild Red 1.dougbailey.jpg

Wild Red – 1