Head Shots

Welcome to our Portraits Gallery!

We love creating images of people for Business, Social Media, Beauty & Family Heirlooms. Each of these is important in different ways.

In business first impressions really do count. Your Headshot or Business Portrait should present you as a true professional. People want to do business with others they know, like and trust. That first 4 seconds of seeing you is critical.

For Social Media, your friends want to see a more friendly you, and not the “business you”. Smiley, more relaxed, more casual clothing etc.

Beauty Portrait images are created to celebrate your inner beauty. Our job is to help you feel relaxed and display your inner Princess. These images are a wonderful way to turn back the clock in a few years and remember how glamorous your really were and are.

We especially like working with ladies of any age who think they are “not good looking” or “average looking”, and making them look STUNNING. Give us a try, we won’t disappoint you.

We love working with our beauty retouching skills, smoothing skin, whitening teeth, getting that extra sparkle in the eyes. All in the most natural way possible. Why not let us create a gift for your very special loved one?

Family Heirlooms are a wonderful keepsake to capture a precious moment in time. We are all vulnerable and can’t predict the future. We can however capture images of you and your loved ones to treasure for a lifetime.

Fine Art Prints – Paper & Canvas Quality – Our Personal Guarantee:
Not all prints are created equal. You can have the finest images in the world created for you, but if they are not Archival they will not keep their commitment over the long term. They will fade and you will be bitterly disappointed.

Every single image we produce uses the highest quality Epson brand name papers or canvasses. All inks are Archival and made by Epson. They have a 75 year life expectancy. You have a lifetime warranty from us and our personal guarantee. Nothing is outsourced from the time we shoot to the time we deliver.

We have large prints on our wall that were printed 10 years ago and look as fresh and colorful as the day we printed them. Please, do check where your prints come from and exactly what inks they use. Or be prepared for your prints to possibly go dull and fade over time. This will NOT happen here.

framed photograph of doug image 9716.dougbailey.jpg

framed photograph of lenore before and after image 9664.dougbailey.jpg

framed 4 shot photograph of lenore.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of debbie wemyss image 9518.dougbailey.jpg

portrait of Debbie with vignette image 9505.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of Trevor and Biscuit with Vignette image 3154.dougbailey.jpg

photograph of Brittany and horse image 6284.dougbailey.jpg

framed photograph of damascott 4612.dougbailey.jpg