History & Recognition Award Prints

Historic Canvas Prints.
We restore historic photographs and print them on archival canvas using archival inks.
Watermark does not appear on prints.

Historic Image Plaques for Awards, Achievement and Recognition on Canvas.
We add words of your choice to the bottom of the canvas print. These really are unique and special.

Contact: Doug at baileynature@aoldotcom for more info.

Florida Cracker – An 1870 Cow Hunter’s Way Of Life

We’re seeking Corporate Sponsors to produce a series of Florida History Videos for classroom education. Print sales also help offset production costs, so your support is deeply appreciated. Thank you!

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Miami River & Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida.dougbailey.jpg

Miami River & Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida

Palm Beach Walk, Palm Beach, Florida.dougbailey.jpg

Palm Beach Walk, Palm Beach, Florida

Jupiter Light with Dock.dougbailey.jpg

Jupiter Light with Dock

Day's Fishing, Palm Beach, Fla.dougbailey.jpg

Day’s Fishing, Palm Beach, Fla

photograph of entrance to a florida cow camp image 29291.dougbailey.jpg

Entering An 1870 Florida Cow Camp

photograph of a cow hunter's kitchen image 3591.dougbailey.jpg

Cow Hunter’s Kitchen 3591

photograph under a shady oak image 2972.dougbailey.jpg

Under A Shady Oak 2972

photograph of cracker bunk bed image 3013.dougbailey.jpg

Cracker Bunk Bed 3013

photograph of a cow pen under a shady oak image 3031.dougbailey.jpg

Cow Pen Under A Shady Oak 3031

photograph of a cracker lamp 3639

Cracker Camp Lamp 3639

photograph of cracker toiletries including shaving brush image 3614.dougbailey.jpg

Cracker Shaving Brush 3614

photograph of water keg image 3612.dougbailey.jpg

Water Keg 3612

photograph of wagon wheel image 2982

Wagon Wheel 2982

photograph of tree roots image 2997

Tree Roots 2997

photograph of entering 1870 cow camp sign image 2956.dougbailey.jpg

Entering 1870 2956

photograph of a shady oak image 3002.dougbailey.jpg

Shady Oak 3002

photograph of closeup of cow pen fence image 2977.dougbailey.jpg

Cow Pen Fence 2977

photograph of stepping into history sign image 2941.dougbailey.jpg

Stepping Into History 2941

photograph of a majestic oak image 2937.dougbailey.jpg

Majestic Oak Tree 2937

photograph of axe in tree stump image 3621

Axe in Tree Stump 3621

photograph of water pump image 3646.dougbailey.jpg

Water Pump – 3646

photograph of a cow camp living area image 2989.dougbailey.jpg

Cow Camp Living Area 2989

photograph of cracker jacket hanging on a post image 3619.dougbailey.jpg

Cracker Wardrobe 3619

photograph of cow skulls image 2988.dougbailey.jpg

Cow Skulls 2988

photograph of a cracker whip image 3640.dougbailey.jpg

Cracker Whip 3640

photograph of cracker cow hunter saddle image 3579.dougbailey.jpg

Yankee Saddle 3579

photograph of cooking pot image 3617.dougbailey.jpg

Cooking Pot 3617

photograph of passion flower image 3069.dougbailey.jpg

Passion Flower 3069