How We Work

How We work – Get To Know Us A Bit

We have been working our Canon DSLRs 5D & D exceptionally hard for years. We are blown away by the quality images produced, and the durability of these cameras. We’ll normally shoot lots of stills when shooting video and then intermingle them with the video to add interest & contrast, providing close up detail if needed.

Although we do use the 7D for video production work, and the HD Video quality is superb, it’s now a 2nd camera. It’s main purpose is shooting beautiful stills along with the 5D. Our 10D is the backup. Using a variety of wide angle to telephoto lenses on multiple cameras means not wasting time changing lenses. It also keeps the sensors clean, so we save sensor cleaning time. The Canon 7D does have automatic sensor cleaning, God Bless It!

For video work our pride and joy is the newest Canon XF300 HD Video Camcorder, which shoots broadcast quality HD. This is suitable for TV productions. We use large capacity high speed Sandisk Flash Cards, and will shoot the same scene over if needed, until both our clients and us are perfectly happy. Large batteries with spares mean we can shoot all day, without the overheating problems associated with DSLRs. Simply a better way to go.

We normally bring a 19″ flat screen TV to a shoot & plug it in directly to the Camcorder. This way clients and talent can monitor the filming as it happens and we can re take if needed. This saves time and money in the long run and is the most efficient way to work. A plentiful supply of stills & video helps us do better work in the editing room.

Our teleprompter saves fumbling with words and we always allow practice time to create a conversational tone. Our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. We are very aware of camera shyness and know how to overcome this. Mostly it means taking the pressure off, play acting a bit, laughing at ourselves, and making the experience fun 🙂

Our editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, along with multiple Plugins and fast computers. Right now there are 4 high power computers running in our editing room. There was a good learning curve to start with, but we now have full filmmaking & editing capabilities without the need to buy or record to film.

Adobe Audition means we can edit audio, removing unwanted objects such as a cell phone ringing while shooting. We feel we are top of the line and compete with anyone quality and price wise. Nothing is outsourced, so we retain full control of cost, time and quality.

We try to be “best value for money” in our field & treat others the way we like to be treated. Arriving on time or earlier, neat and well dressed, equipment in good working order, and respectful and fair at all times. We hope you will treat us in the same way when we work for you, and we become part of your creative team for years.

Work with us – you will be in caring, safe professional hands.