Internet Video & Video Slideshow Marketing


Internet Video & Video Slideshow Marketing is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to market anything.
People expect to watch Quality Videos or Video Slideshows with Voice Overs showing subjects they are interested in. Video Slideshows WITH VOICE OVERS are very cost effective & work well, I’ve been doing this for years. Don’t waste your time with slideshows that don’t have a Voice Over, people won’t watch them.

People share them, businesses download them & search engines require them. Your message is broadcast 24/7 for years, or until you decide otherwise. Harness the Power of the Internet & grow your business like never before.

Note: I will NOT allow advertising on top of your Videos or Video Slideshows. Allowing competitors to benefit from your products or services is just plain wrong.

Powerful Internet Traffic Drivers:
In addition to our Internet Marketing and Hosting efforts, you will be able to use the Videos or Video Slideshows on your Facebook Page and Website. It’s this powerful combination of multiple videos in multiple places that is the most effective Internet Traffic Driver.

If your Website needs more traffic and you need more leads, this is the solid long term way to go. Don’t take my word for it though, do an Internet search on the power of online video marketing. There are millions of posts and articles on how important and successful this is.

Example: Additional Videos Create a Huge Multiplier Effect:
10 videos x 5 hosting sites = 50 videos driving traffic to you. That’s HUGE! And that’s just the start.

Custom Videos & Photography:
If you are in Florida I can shoot and edit. I can find a videographer for you in other parts of the US too. They will send me the raw footage to edit.

Worldwide Video Slideshow with Voice Over Service:
You can send me photographs from anywhere in the world and we can work our magic. Here is an example of a Video Slideshow created from photographs sent to me by Carl Strauss Safaris in Tanzania. This was early days and does not have Voice Over or camera movements. It does have African Drums, but it’s not as effective as it should have been. But, it was an important part of our growth and testing.

This Video Slideshow is hugely effective. It does have Voice Over and camera movements. It has over 1000 views, has been downloaded hundreds of times, and has outstanding viewer engagement. I can tell this and more from YouTube Analytics.

Terms & Conditions:
You must own the photographs, slideshows or videos, or get permission from the creator. I need written permission to keep me out of trouble with US Privacy & Copyright Laws.
It must be original content otherwise YouTube will block the upload.
Music must be Royalty Free / Copyright Free or YouTube will block the upload.
Subject to change without notice.
Limits may apply.
Other restrictions may apply.