Social Media Video Marketing

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Debbie Wemyss – DW Consulting Solutions

Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing is the most powerful marketing tool available to drive traffic to your website. You are providing valuable content to your visitors and gaining the Social sharing power of such sites as LinkedIn®, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can learn more about Social Media Video Marketing here.

Using Videos With Email Marketing

Videos are perfect for email marketing. When you have gone to the trouble of generating a carefully targeted email list, this is the cream on the top. If the receiver has interest in the contents of your email, showing video at the same time adds credibility and builds confidence. Your response rate will soar.

You can see other Video examples here.

Debbie Wemyss

“Working with Doug & Lenore Bailey to produce my new videos was a pleasure from start to finish. I enjoyed their expertise in planning, suggesting creative changes and their attention to detail. With years of experience in the photography/videography industry, I knew I was in for a treat! I was not disappointed. Those familiar with me (and my coaching,) know that I take recommendations seriously. I encourage you to contact Bailey Video to learn how they can work with you to boost your visibility and business. I’m happy I did and am pleased to recommend them.”

Debbie Wemyss with Tips On Optimizing Your Profile On LinkedIn®

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Debbie Wemyss – DW Consulting Solutions

Debbie Wemyss gives excellent advice on giving and receiving Endorsements & Recommendations on LinkedIn®.

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Debbie Wemyss – DW Consulting Solutions

Debbie Wemyss with excellent advice on using LinkedIn® for Social Selling.

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Debbie Wemyss-DW Consulting Solutions

Debbie Wemyss gives advice on joining Groups on LinkedIn®.

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Debbie Wemyss – DW Consulting Solutions

Rose Lawless

“Doug and Lenore are great people to work with. They came to our network event to do a video that I could use on our website to show the benefits of networking. Both Doug and Lenore are professional, experts at their business and most of all – a joy to work with!! Real people who love what they do! And it certainly shows in their work! If you need any type of video marketing for your business, Bailey Video is the one to do it!”

Contractor Marketing Tools Networking Meeting

Rose Lawless of Contractor Marketing Tools works hard to promote local Contractors and their Vendors. This Video shows a typical free Networking Meeting, which is held at Corners Ocean Bar & Grill in Jupiter, Florida. The setting is relaxed and informal. Rose interviews 5 local businesses and they explain why they enjoy coming to the meetings. We had a good time too and met wonderful people, thanks Rose.

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Rose Lawless – Contractor Marketing Tools

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A Group of Attendees at the Contractor Marketing Tools Networking Meeting

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Sean Molloy – Corporate Rescue


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