Social Networking

How Much Time Do You Put Into Social Networking?

How do you split your time between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn®, YouTube, and another half dozen Giants? Do you do all of them half heartedly because you should, or do you excel in just a few of them and become a go to knowledge source?

We faced this problem as you do, and came up with a simple answer. We can’t. So we looked at all of them, opened a Facebook page and Twitter account, test drove LinkedIn and YouTube, looked at 5 others and chose the areas we wish to excel in based on our skills and personality.

This is a combination of a well optimized website (in our case mobile ready), Linkedin and YouTube. When we are as perfect as we think we can be, only then will we put our limited time in elsewhere. This is not to put down any of the others, this is just our choice. There’s no right or wrong.

Firstly, make sure your website is functioning well for both visitors and search engines. It must have useful, engaging content to succeed. Technically is must be right with no roadblocks. SEO requirements change all the time, keeping up is time consuming but needed. Then and only then, drive traffic to your website using YouTube and other methods of your choice.

Linkedin: Best for meeting and forming lasting relationships with other professionals. What an amazing tool that stretches worldwide. There are some excellent books such as written by Dan Sherman, and some great video tutorials by Debbie Wemyss Get the best from it. Help others as much as you possibly can, this is how to build trust and long lasting relationships.

We also network locally with as many Linkedin Groups & members as possible. Helping others do better in our local business community is a priority. Every friend we make is another person that knows and gets to trust us.

YouTube & Vimeo: Both amazing tools if you do it right. If you upload low quality video it will hurt you. Viewer mindset is that if the video is shabby, so is the product or service offered. Conversely, high production value video builds confidence and trust, they can see from the start that you are a pro.

Embed the SEO Video on your website for increased search engine visibility. Using video correctly has become as important as having a website itself and rankings increase. Video Testimonials will make you shine if you do them properly. Ensure excellent audio, good lighting, a steady cam and quality editing. Optimize for search engine visibility. Keep them short and to the point, one subject at a time.

Choose your Marketing priorities carefully, and you will build your presence over time. Remember that proven marketing methods such as coupons, direct mail, business shows etc. still work.