Why Video Quality Is So Important

Highest Video Quality, Web Video and Video Time-lapse adds valuable content to your web site, increasing Sales & Customer Communications

Have you visited a web site recently looking for an expensive item? You know exactly what you want, but want confirmation that you are dealing with the right company. You click on a video looking for more information.

Do you like the looks of the company? Is this a business you can TRUST? Will they look after you if things go wrong?

It’s not only about the product, you can get that everywhere. Everything looks good to make a purchase. You’re happy, this is easier than you thought it would be. You’re ready to buy! It’s been a good day…so far.

The video starts to play, but you can’t really hear what the guy’s saying. It’s kind of muffled as if he’s only using the camera microphone. There’s a sound of coughing in the background, a cell phone rings, and the footage is shaky.

Can’t they even afford a $100 tripod like you bought your niece? Your confidence level is plummeting like a rock. The lighting is horrible. Did this guy make it in his garage? Doesn’t he care about Quality? This is their BRAND.

The company saved a bunch of money… or did they? Your confidence has been shattered, you will never go back there again. TRUST is the first thing to create on the web, not the last.

This is called “low production value” in the industry and is responsible for losing more sales in a heartbeat than a too talkative used car salesman. Please don’t do it.

A Great Experience
On the other hand, have you had a great experience and been convinced of a business’s ethics and product value by watching a well scripted & produced video? I certainly have, and that’s exactly what got us into producing video.

Sold by a Web Video
We needed a Loupe for one of our Canon DSLRs to make it video friendly. This is a magnifier with a shade to be able to see a camera screen in the sun. We had a choice of 4 competing manufacturers of varying prices. My biggest concern was the size of the product.

We chose the middle priced loupe, but it just looked too large for the camera on the supplier’s web page. However, watching the manufacturer’s 48 second video, we could see that the loupe was about the size of the demonstrator’s hand. It really wasn’t that big.

We bought it and have recommended the Hoodman Crane to others. That convinced us of the sales value of HIGH QUALITY business web video.

Another purchase using Web Video
When we graduated to a dedicated professional camcorder, the Canon XF300, the first thing we looked for was a professionally produced video on the camera.

We wanted flash card use only, to move away from film, and wanted as many manual controls as possible. A thorough search of web videos convinced us that this was truly new professional camcorder technology, and we went ahead.

Love it! This top of the line equipment gives us a serious competitive advantage, being able to shoot in very low light conditions. It’s also BBC TV approved, so our clients will not be limited in the event of a TV need.

This convinced us once again of the sales value of HIGH QUALITY web video.

We always get the very best we can afford and look after it. A winning Attitude of Excellence shows in everything we do.

SEO Video Script & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Great web video needs 2 additional components: A first class script, and the script must be SEO. There’s no point to all this if a search engine can’t find the video. Shorter is better, with 30 seconds to 2 minutes being ideal, depending on the story to be told. One simple crystal clear message per video is essential. Writing SEO copy for web ties in perfectly with SEO web site video.

Testimonials are a perfect way to use web video. You are communicating one on one with potential customers and adding credibility and trust to your business, if you do it professionally. Given the choice of buying from a highly recommended business via customer testimonials, or one that has no video, who would you prefer to do business with?

Independent Research
Independent research shows that web video is an essential tool for an effective web site. Potential customers look for informative video. Search engines are seeking out video and adding Rankings to web sites that do have video (SERP). It’s the fastest way to add quality content. But, the level of professionalism must shine.

Work with us – you will be in caring, safe professional hands.