Voice Over Slideshows

Voice Over Slideshows Save Money

We use Professional Photography to create impressive Voice Over Slideshows. Using film making software & techniques, we then add high def Audio Voice Overs. Each one is then carefully search engine optimized for video (VSEO).

Video Slideshows can be made to any length, and need about 20 images per 120 seconds for a reasonable film speed. They are perfect for Internet Video Marketing.

So far there are over 1000 YouTube views on the Travel Trailer voice over video below, with a very substantial increase in our website traffic. Multiple websites have downloaded this video slideshow. This means that our URL is on their website in several places, and provides free organic traffic and backlinks. This is providing valuable content for them and is good for us too.

We can create excellent Slideshows using our photography or yours, providing you have high quality images of the right size. You will need to own copyright to the images, or get permission to use them. A Copyright Release is required to keep us ahead of Copyright Law.

The costs of creating slideshows using your images are about 50% of the cost of video, and have a similar customer communication, confidence and SEO value.

Our experiments over the past 12 months using YouTube Analytics show that several shorter Video Slide Shows are more effective than one long one. One tightly focused subject at a time holds viewer retention best.

Just adding music is a total waste of time with no viewer or search engine value. Not adding Voice Over loses viewers as they don’t have the time to watch boring moving images. They want information and a sense of whom you really are. This is what the Voice Over does so well. I’ve recently seen an SEO expert making this error with only 7 views since Sept 2012.

Voice Over done properly adds class to the Slideshow, reflecting the high quality products and services you offer. Search Engines require the Voice Over text to be able to index the video correctly. I’ve placed the script below the video to show you.

How much time do you put into Social Media Marketing?

VSEO Video Content Slideshow with Voice Over

Did you notice that at the end of the slideshow we didn’t leave you hanging on YouTube, to wander off on other sites? You are still here to enjoy the information we are providing. We’ll do that for you too, of course. It’s all the little and often unseen details that count.

Voice Over Script (Lenore’s voice):

“Hello, we’d like to show you our camper. It’s lightweight and easy to tow.

This is some of the wildlife that we see when we go camping, sometimes right in our campsite.

We have a nice shady awning and the camper is fully airconditioned.

There is a sturdy ladder for easy access to the roof. There is also an external shower.

The twin propane tanks have a cover and there is a full width slide out box, with access from both sides.

This larger locker holds cable and hoses and our foldup picnic chairs.

The screen door keeps bugs out.

There’s a large window in the front and lots of windows for light.

Here is the layout with full walk around queen bed. The dinette converts to a twin bed.

We have a 3 Burner stove with oven, a microwave and a CD player.

There are two hanging lockers with additional storage above the bed for clothing.

There’s a double door fridge and freezer for ice cold food and drink.

The bathroom is larger than average with tub and shower, hot and cold water.

The queen walk around bed has reading lights on both sides.

Imagine yourself at the end of the day sitting around this lovely fire toasting marshmallows.

This Eagle has stolen a fish from the Great Blue Heron, and he is not happy.

Thanks for joining us, let’s go camping. It’s fun for the whole family.”

End of Script.

Antique Stationery Engines

This is a fun video, one of my favorites, and I wanted to share it with you 🙂 Turn the volume up and listen to those sweet old machines. Love it!

The Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club holds an annual Pioneer Day and Tractor Show Show at Riverbend Park in Jupiter, Florida. Lots of small and not so small antique engines powering our homesteads, washing machines, water pumps and lighting plants from the early 1900s.

Barney Barnard, the wonderful Clogger at the end of the video, was clogging to Bluegrass music coming from the radio on the ground. I don’t have permission to use the music, so I took it out and added perfectly timed audio from one of the old machines.

Barney had been clogging all day, and left when it got dark to go and clog at the nearby Bluegrass Festival. Wish I had that kind of energy!

Sometimes you just have to do this because you love the creative process.

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